Welcome to the Lean Body Institute. Would you like to solve your weight loss (or weight gain) struggles? Want to find the best ways to get a lean and healthy body?

We're a bunch of scientific researchers and health nuts obsessed with finding ways to help you lose weight and get lean. Ultimately we look for ideas that bring REAL RESULTS (not marketing hype). Often we make discoveries because we look at REAL SCIENCE but in the end finding stuff that works is the most important. Science is often incomplete.

With the physical laws of nature on your side, you can't fail. Like gravity. Like nuclear physics. We call it the "Black Box" concept: You do "this", and get "that". No need to know how it works... just that it does.

Ultimately that means better weight loss, better results, easier and faster than ever -- as opposed to dashed hopes and failures from unrealistic expectations set by marketers and even some celebrity doctors ... who tell you about products or plans that go against nature.

In the end it's all about RESULTS. Where and how are the results happening? What will give you the weight loss you want and expect? The answers may surprise you.

Separate fact from fiction. Get clarity, clear up confusion. Plans that work, information you need to stay on track for a lifetime. No gimmicks. Up front. If it works for some, but not others, we'll tell you.

Sound good? Specific programs and plans are on the way, but here are a few articles for your perusal:

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5 Weird Tricks for Your Easiest Weight Loss Ever
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