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You can get free weight loss advice practically everywhere you look.

How good is that advice? Well...

Let's start with all the "free" information out there. How many times have you felt let down, disappointed or outright tricked from a magazine headline or news article promising some kind of weight loss tips or secrets? How truly valuable has that information been?

The truth is, the creators of free online content do not care if you lose any weight whatsoever. Their only job is to get you to keep CLICKING. To get you to go from page to page... as long as possible. Because they make their money from ad revenue. The more page views, the better.

What about all those diet books and gurus? The problem is that they're all stuck on ONE idea, ONE theory, or ONE approach to losing weight. They preach their "one true way" like a religion. And they gain followers almost like a cult. They rarely admit there are other options.

Likewise, other gurus over-simplify and claim all you have to do is eat a certain way ("carbs make you fat", or "just eat Paleo", or "meat is bad; eat a plant-based diet"). And much of that advice conflicts with each other.

Many ads claim or imply that taking a pill is literally all you ever need to do. (The subject of pills and supplements is filled with misunderstandings and controversy.)

The fact is, it's better for ALL of those authors, gurus, programs and companies if you stay overweight... because then you'll keep clicking around and keep buying stuff.

What about so-called common-sense or mainstream advice everybody "already knows"? Well, we've found most of that stuff is typically just too general and incomplete to be useful -- or often, downright discouraging. Such as: "all you have to do is exercise, eat 'healthy', and avoid all junk food ... forever". So, sure -- everybody knows it, but it's not realistic, inspiring or truly actionable.

In contrast ... when you become a LeanBodyInstitute client, you are a part of our family and we make it our job and mission to help you succeed with losing weight and keeping it off for good.
A few years ago, we got fed up with the incredible amount of noise, confusion, conflicting advice and incomplete information out there ... so we embarked on a journey ...

... a journey to find the truth about what really works. To find the easiest or fastest methods. To find what is actually realistic and doable in the long term. To cut through the filth, crud and myths (there are a LOT of damaging myths out there).

Instead of getting stuck in one thing, one idea, one product, or one approach, we would be open-minded.

The result was something no one has ever seen before. A unique combination of science, real-world results, and strategic, critical thinking.

We found and clarified for you the rare gems that really work, and how to combine them into proven systems. We discovered the truth about how to lose quickly. And how to lose with more freedom and flexibility than you ever thought possible.

We then put all those secrets, tools, strategies and tactics into a workable system we call "All The Secrets".

A Sneak Peak...
With All The Secrets, you will have access to not just "information" (because you can find that anywhere), but the best-of-the-best, world-class, breakthrough tactics, strategies and tools for weight loss that you can use immediately. You won't find hundreds of pages of filler (like diet books). You won't find any ads. You won't have to wonder if you can trust a website.

You can get right to the point without wasting time. Yes, it really is a shortcut to finding what will really, finally work for YOU.

You Will Discover...
  • 12 BIG myths that have mislead millions of dieters
  • Why slow weight loss is not better
  • Why more exercise isn't better
  • The truth about how the body loses weight (you have much more eating flexibility than you think)
  • The most flexible, realistic weight loss strategies you can find anywhere
  • How eating MORE can help you lose (when and how to do it)
  • The one, simple, EASY thing you can do that predicts weight loss, from a study of 2000 dieters
  • 8 tactics that produce weight loss WITHOUT changing what you eat
  • 12 proven, easy weight loss methods that are extremely simple and do not rely on willpower
  • A proven method that allows you to enjoy all your favorite foods, and still lose weight
  • What do do on a plateau, when you believe you're doing everything right
  • Discover the power of Magic Meals for losing weight
  • 7 attitudes that will transform your weight loss efforts for the better
  • 4 simple ways to motivate yourself that are proven to work by real-world dieters
  • Discover dozens of Weight Loss Foods, ranked in order
  • The truth about "calories in, calories out", and it's NOT what the gurus are teaching you
  • The truth about weight loss supplements (the answer may surprise you)
And a lot more...

Here's What You'll REALLY Be Excited About...
Sure, you'll finally understand how weight loss works and why, and have more "ah ha" moments than you've ever had before. But more importantly, you can actually put it into action and start losing weight... today.

You will have a set of weight loss tools you can simply pick up and use. We tell you how to use it. Like a tool in a toolbox, you just pick it up, do it, and start losing weight.

Do "this", get results. It's really that simple. No long books to read. Just actionable weight loss gems.

Even better ...
  • These strategies work even if you do them imperfectly. Give them a try at whatever level you can, and you WILL see results.
  • You do not have to do a lot of complicated things. In fact, you may not have to do any of the things you think you have to do. One idea, one approach can be all you need.
Real World Success Stories
Thousands of people before you have used these same principles and secrets to lose weight and keep it off -- yet that's a tiny fraction of the millions of overweight dieters out there who are drifting aimlessly, continually failing and regaining weight (or never losing it). All because they are relying on incomplete information, myths and downright bad advice about weight loss.

Don't let that be you. Be one of the lucky few!

Coming Soon!

"All The Secrets" as described above is coming soon! We're excited to bring this valuable information to you. Stay tuned! :-)
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