Background Story

In 2009 we started a little company to help people lose weight. And it did just that. A lot of people lost a lot of weight.

Then other people noticed their success and word spread rapidly. At the time, we were surprised -- but we shouldn't have been. When something works really well that's what happens!

So we got hooked on this idea of researching, finding and creating even more exceptional weight loss solutions... the "BEST OF"... the true gems... for quicker, easier and simplified weight loss. So people could quickly find their ideal path to losing weight and keeping it off, in the way that works best for them.

Instead of getting stuck in one thing, one idea, one product, or one approach, we would be open-minded and consider a wide variety of things. And we would present our products and discoveries with honesty and realism.

We think that's different -- a refreshing, unique viewpoint on weight loss. It makes us a little "maverick" at times but being a bit of a rebel isn't a bad thing, right?

So here's the deal ... we're going to work for you. We are sifting through mountains of clutter -- ideas, books, programs, products -- and then we are breaking it down and simplifying it, and creating "best of" products and information you can use right now to lose weight. We don't know it all, and no one else does either -- but we try.

Yes, we're enthusiastic about what we have to share. We want you to get excited about the possibilities and your future and take action. But we also want to stay "real" -- and want you to be realistic and grounded in proper expectations.

What you see on this website is what we've created so far and there's more coming. Actually we have a lot more secrets, ideas and products to share, if you get on our email list. Then you'll be a member of our tribe and you won't miss out on anything.

Our bigger cause is to contribute in a big way to solving the problem of obesity and weight gain worldwide. You can help by sharing your results, ideas and successes with us. Your feedback really matters.


1. We believe everyone has their own personal prescription (or "Silver Bullet") for weight loss.

It's true that certain things work for a lot of people -- even the majority -- and it becomes almost like a law. We look for and try to create those things (see principles and tools philosophy #3 below).

However, you may find some things more effective than others. You have your own preferences. There are also very specific approaches for different health challenges.

Regardless, when you find what really works for you to lose all the weight you desire (at whatever speed of loss works best, and whatever methods) and then you to keep it off long-term ... you've found your Silver Bullet. Our #1 mission is to help you do that ... to conquer the enemy of excess weight through your ideal path... and we believe you CAN do it.

The exciting thing is that you don't have to do "everything". In fact, you may not have to do any of the things you think you have to do. That's called the 80/20 Principle: 20% of the things get 80% of the results. One idea, one approach can be all you need.

Yes, that means we believe there ARE shortcuts. A shortcut is simply something that makes the journey quicker or better for YOU. Not your neighbor or friend. Not 20 people in a study. For you. That's mighty personal.

Too many companies, authors, and even health organizations and health professionals claim to have the only correct answer or theory. They criticize methods because it doesn't fit their model, because it's not how weight loss "should" work. We think that's crazy.

Or there are companies that sell only one thing, or hype up one "miracle pill" with exaggerated claims that it works for everyone.

Most mainstream advice is often way too generic (as if everyone was the same). Or simply not useful, actionable... or even all that encouraging! (The phrase "exercise and eat less" comes to mind.)

Our thinking isn't restricted to traditional wisdom or trying to force one solution on everybody.

Because everyone has their own problems and challenges. Our goal is to create specific tools for specific problems, where possible. There are

2. We believe the smartest approach is to look for proven RESULTS -- yet remain open minded and hopeful.

Sound obvious? Well, if it is, it's not what most weight loss companies, products or organizations live by.

First, how we define "proven results" is different.

Of course it includes scientific or clinical studies.

But it can also include legitimate, real-world success stories. Scientific studies are some of the very best evidence-- but it's not foolproof, and often contradictory. Really, even one success story is at least worth considering and reporting -- if it's legitimate. Why? Well, because it means that particular idea could help someone else (and that person could be you).

We believe that to find all the best treasures of weight loss, even new, unproven ideas with potential have to be considered. This is the realm of new frontiers, new discoveries and ideas.

That means we investigate practically ANYTHING that has "reasonable evidence" that it actually works for weight loss or weight control.

3. What truly works for weight loss can be reduced down to a relatively small set of specific, actionable TOOLS with consistent, predictable results.

We're not talking about boring, generic advice. We're talking about the real gold nuggets here... things you can take action on and (depending on the person) get results, consistently... and it even can feel "easy", doable, natural. Just works for you.

Then what we do with these "principles" is pretty cool: We can take a single principle and flesh it out into a super-effective, single, simple "Tool". Or we can combine them to create a more comprehensive program.

Then you use the Tools and programs that are most effective for YOU. Your personal prescription (Silver Bullet) for short-term and long-term weight loss may consist of both programs or Tools, or just tools.

But the result is always going to be an amazing and beautiful thing.

4. There are temporary (short-term) methods, and there are long-term (lifestyle) methods -- BOTH are legitimate.

Too many people criticize methods that were never intended to be long term. And too many people forget that lifetime habits and principles are what keep the weight from coming back.

Tools, principles and approaches can be divided into two camps: Stuff you do only for a short while to knock of weight quickly -- and stuff you can keep doing for the long-term or for a lifetime (because they're habit, or feel natural, easy, etc). There is a big difference.

You may do better with one or the other. Or, like studies show, do BOTH: lose fast early on, then maintain (that's the approach we often recommend).
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