Background Story
In 2009 we started a little company to help people lose weight. Our program worked extremely well.

People noticed the success of our customers and word spread rapidly. At the time, we were surprised -- but we shouldn't have been. When something works really well that's what happens!

So we got hooked on the idea of researching, finding and creating the "BEST OF" weight loss solutions for quicker, easier and simplified weight loss. Instead of getting stuck in one thing, one idea, one product, or one approach, we would be open-minded and investigate anything that produced results. We'd look at the best scientific research. We'd examine real-world experiences. And we would present our products and discoveries with honesty and realism.

Yes, we're enthusiastic about what we have to share. We want you to get excited about the possibilities and your future and take action. But we also intend to stay honest and real.

What you see on this website is what we've created so far and there's more coming. Actually we have a lot more secrets, ideas and products to share, if you get on our email list. Then you'll be a member of our tribe and you won't miss out on anything.

Our bigger cause is to contribute in a big way to solving the problem of obesity and weight gain worldwide. You can help by sharing your results, ideas and successes with us. Your feedback really matters.

Company Weight Loss Philosophy
1. Everyone has their own personal prescription for weight loss, and everyone can find it, if given correct information and tools.
2. The smartest approach is to look for proven results, whether it is scientific or anecdotal evidence, yet remain open to the latest ideas.
3. What truly works for weight loss can be turned into specific, actionable tools with consistent, predictable results.
4. There are temporary (short-term) methods, and there are long-term (lifestyle) methods -- both are legitimate when done in the right way.

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