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Program Instructions

This page is a concise summary to the program. Some steps are only shown here. Other steps will be explained in more detail on other pages.

A full round of the program consists of three phases: the "Loading Phase", the "Core Phase" and the "Stabilization Phase", each following the other in sequence.

Viatrim: You start taking Viatrim on the morning of day one. Continue taking it throughout the Core Phase. If desired, you can optionally take Viatrim throughout Stabilization, and beyond, as an everyday weight loss aid.

Record Daily Weight: On the morning of your first day, record your beginning weight on the tracking sheet. Empty your bladder first, and wear clothing of the same weight each time you weigh yourself. Continue to weigh yourself each morning and record it on your tracking sheet.

Record Weekly Measurements: Some people lose more inches than pounds. To track inches lost, once a week you'll want to record girth measurements with a measuring tape for your waist, belly, chest, hip, thigh, and biceps (see below for instructions).

Other Recommendations: Keep a food journal. This is a good way to troubleshoot if needed. Relying on memory to recall what you've eaten is typically not accurate. And, take "before and after" pictures of yourself. You will be surprised at the change your body has made after completing the program.

To Begin The Program: Start taking Viatrim on the morning of the first day. You'll be taking it daily during the program.

1. Loading Phase (first 2 days)

The Loading Phase is meant to stoke your metabolism which allows you to lose more weight during the Core Phase. If you have been dieting at all recently, or if you have lost weight recently and are now stalled or plateaued, you need to do this step. If you've been eating normally (not trying to reduce calories or restricting foods) then this step is not required, but it can be psychologically beneficial.

Instructions: For two days, eat to capacity the most fattening foods you can. Concentrate on foods high in fats and oils, rather than sweets.

2. Core Phase (2 - 6 weeks)

To see the most benefit from the program, the minimum length of the Core Phase is 2 weeks. Most people stay on the Core Phase for 3 - 4 weeks. If you are feeling good you can continue the Core Phase for up to 6 weeks but no longer. After that long, your body needs a break.

Instructions: Start the special low calorie diet. You'll find complete details about the special diet, including allowed foods, below. You should start losing weight very quickly now, especially for the first week of the diet. Continue taking Viatrim.

Note: The first week can be a big adjustment in many ways, as your body reacts to what may be a dramatically different diet, where more calories come from burning fat than from your food intake. People react to this change differently. Try to be patient and allow your body to make some changes. If you have health concerns please refer to the FAQ page on our website.

3. Stabilization Phase (3 weeks)

The purpose of this phase is to get your body's metabolism stabilized at your new weight. The length of the Stabilization Phase can be shortened to 2 weeks, but 3 weeks is recommended.

Instructions: Please see the Stabilization section later in this manual for complete instructions and guidance (broadly speaking, you can now eat anything except sugars and starches). Taking Viatrim during Stabilization is suggested but entirely optional.

After the Stabilization Phase you should take a break and spend 2 - 3 weeks in weight maintenance mode (everyday eating). After that you can repeat the entire program again for more weight loss if you wish.

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