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Overview: Core Phase Foods

Don't rely just on this page. This is only summary/overview.

Allowed and disallowed foods are explained in detail in other sections. Please READ those sections... don't start the diet just based on this page.


Protein: You have 10 lean/low-fat protein sources to choose from. Everything else is disallowed.

Vegetables: You can eat unlimited "fibrous" vegetables. "Starchy" vegetables are disallowed.

Fluids: Any non-caloric drink without sugar.

Seasonings & Sweeteners: Any without fat or sugar.

Not Allowed

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are not allowed -- that includes starchy vegetables, fruit, grains, and any form of sugar. The only exception to this will be your Flex Meals.

Fat, and Oil: Fat and oil in any form are not allowed. Do not use butter. Do not use olive oil, coconut oil, cooking oil, palm oil, etc. The only exception to this will be your Flex Meals. Fish oil supplements are okay to take as well.

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