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Grab Your Fat

Here's a trick from a very successful dieter:

"When I want to eat something I don't need, usually a Snickers bar, I grab my belly fat. I reminds me that I already have a Snickers in storage!"

That always gets a laugh. But the fact is, it's a great little motivator -- it doesn't tip-toe around the issue or make any excuses!

Many people have used this as a little trick to keep them from eating when they hadn't planned on it.

Use it anytime you need a reminder and some mental resolve... at home, at work, or in the checkout line surrounded by goodies.

If you are sitting at your desk at work and someone starts passing around treats -- grabbing your fat might be all it takes to remind you the sweetness is momentary and not worth it.

Another good time is at meals -- to remind you of portion sizes and a reminder that you don't have to "clean your plate" if you are full.

This trick is also good for people who don't like looking in the mirror. It keeps you focused on reality while avoiding the self-criticism that might occur when looking in the mirror.

You can use it for exercise, too. Some people just have to see their "pudge" bouncing around to keep going when it gets difficult.

It can also be a reminder of how far you've come ... when you realize that the amount of at you are grabbing is so much less than it was in the past!

I now grab my fat ... I recommend you do the same :)

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